Learn about the application to track your pregnancy

One of a woman’s biggest dreams is to have children and fully experience the unique experience of pregnancy. Especially when it comes to the first pregnancy, the future mother has many questions and expectations, since everything is new for her. In this sense, it can be very useful for future mothers to have an application to track their pregnancy.

The first pregnancy is full of curiosities about the baby. Therefore, the expectant mother tends to always seek information about the condition of the child and the next steps of the pregnancy. Naturally, there is a lot of interesting content available on the Internet, but it would be much more practical if everything was in one place.

In this sense, technology comes to provide comfort to pregnant women. Developers seeking to meet the needs of this important period in a woman’s life have created platforms to facilitate access to information and monitoring of each stage of pregnancy. Below, we present which are the main ones.

Application to monitor pregnancy

First of all, it is important to highlight that these applications do not replace the medical monitoring that every pregnant woman must carry out. In fact, these platforms that we will mention below are a tool to provide an additional experience to pregnant women. Therefore, do not forget to carry out all the necessary prenatal check-ups to monitor the health of the woman and the baby.

The main functions offered by applications for pregnant women in general are the possibility of knowing what state the baby is in according to the amount of gestation time and the recording function of all events during pregnancy, thus forming a kind of digital diary. . Now you know our list of the main and best applications to track pregnancy.

Kangaroo Pregnancy

Secondly, if you are a mother who is expecting a baby, you should know Canguru Pregnancy. Another very useful tool to expand the experience of pregnant women. An intuitive application available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. The platform offers the same functionality as the previous application to follow the baby’s development throughout the weeks.

The developers also focused on providing relevant information for parents. In this way, they can feel much more prepared to face the stages that are to come. In addition, Canguru has a calendar in which the mother can organize herself for her future consultations, presents graphics for better monitoring of the weeks of pregnancy and also has a feed that allows interaction with questions and answers from other pregnant women who use the platform.

First on our list is Pregnancy+. An extremely well-known platform among women, with more than 20 million registered users around the world. The application is highly rated, light, intuitive and extremely developed. It offers very realistic 3D simulations, through artificial intelligence, of the baby’s updated status.

In addition, the application provides a lot of relevant information for pregnant women to understand what happens in each week of pregnancy and offers daily wellness and health tips. Another very interesting resource is to provide the mother with an approximate calculation of the baby’s weight, so that the pregnant woman can have a better perception of the child’s condition.

This application has everything you could expect from an embarazo tracking application, including many functions described in the other applications on this list. What makes this application different is the Baby’s First Year function, which helps the mother even after the birth of a baby. The application gives access to a daily calendar, also helping with resources such as articles, videos and activity suggestions. It’s free and available for iOS and Android.

In summary, to define which is the best application to track your pregnancy, it is necessary to download the three options that we present in this list and try each platform. This way, you will have a real idea of ​​the experience that each application offers and you can stick with the one you consider best to meet your needs. But remember, nothing prevents you from keeping all three and enjoying the best of each of them.