Discover the app to track your pregnancy

One of a woman’s biggest dreams is to have children and be able to fully live the unique experience of pregnancy. Especially when it comes to the first pregnancy, the mother has many doubts and expectations, since everything is new for her. In this sense, it can be very useful for future mothers to have an  app to track their pregnancy.

The first pregnancy is full of interesting facts about the baby. Therefore, the expectant mother tends to always seek information about the condition of the child and the next steps of the pregnancy. Naturally, there is a lot of interesting content available on the Internet, but it would be much more practical if everything was in one place.

In this sense, technology comes to provide comfort to pregnant women. Developers thinking about meeting the needs of this important period in a woman’s life have created platforms to facilitate access to information and monitoring of each stage of pregnancy. Check out the main ones below.

My Prenatal

The Meu Pré-Natal app was developed by the UFMG Faculty of Medicine and is free, non-profit and has humanitarian purposes. Provides reliable information about care during pregnancy, childbirth and
postpartum, encouraging care to complement prenatal consultations.

The main objective is to promote information on health and maternal autonomy so that the woman is the protagonist of her birth. Aimed at supporting women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, the innovations will allow pregnant women to share their desires and expectations for childbirth through the implementation and sharing of the Birth Plan in digital format.

Features and functionalities

Track your pregnancy and find out your gestational age at any time using the girogram.
Ask questions about your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
Find out what to take to the maternity ward, both for the pregnant woman and the baby.
Video with useful tips and information for pregnant women.
Plan your birth and record your birth plan preferences to share with your healthcare team during both your prenatal and maternity visits.
Use the contraction counter to know when your due date is approaching.

Med ART Studios™, a renowned company in the United States of America, brings you Nascer: a pregnancy app for moms and expectant moms that was best rated by users.

Providing the personal pregnancy experience for Android!

✔ Based on the Guidelines of the Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FEBRASGO)
✔ Stunning colorful images
✔ Weight control, kick counter and contraction timer
✔ Personalized sessions “My baby” and “Doctor’s word”


• Written by doctors in partnership with mothers-to-be
• Personalized sessions “My baby” and “Doctor’s word”
• Top rated pregnancy app
• Images adapted to your baby’s gender
• Track your baby through your due date
• Choose a name to go with your baby
• Your entire pregnancy at a glance
• See when you will need exams and procedures
• Create a list of questions for the doctor
• Keep track of all your medical appointments
• Record your doctor’s responses

Pregnancy+ brings together tips from experts, daily articles, tips on how to care for mom and interactive 3D models, so you can follow your baby’s development. Our pregnancy app has been downloaded more than 65 million times by families expecting babies. So join our worldwide community of expectant mothers and fathers.

Our pregnancy tracking app can be personalized so your partner, future grandparents and best friend can join in the fun. With this app, they will be able to monitor the development of their baby in the womb. Keep everyone updated about your pregnancy by inviting them to download the app today.

If you’re pregnant and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of advice you’re receiving, don’t worry. Download our pregnancy tracking app, and let the Pregnancy+ app guide you through your pregnancy week by week. The app will keep you updated on your baby’s development, and help you stay healthy during and after pregnancy.